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Finding Freedom In Music

25 Jan


 “Let me be clear, to those who would use copyright law as a weapon to drown innovation and stifle competition, you will be left on the side of the road of history.” – Kim DotCom

This is something close to my and millions if not billions of people on planet earth. Even if people don’t realize it, when they are enjoying music, they are enjoying tons of liberty. It’s fascinating to me to consider all that had to go in to the producing of a piece of music. It may seem mundane to the casual observer to consider how much we depend on our individual freedom, but especially when creating a piece of art which will be used to communicate an idea that you personally can’t put to words alone. I think the obvious freedom when it comes to music is the ability to speak freely, share ideas, and spread knowledge without violent interruption.


Whether it is rap, rock, country, or any other music, the ability to go into a studio, create content, and then distribute that content without violent intervention is neccesary to uphold any semblance of freedom in music. The very idea of intervention being brought into the equation threatens the very essence of creativity and art in general, so I will examine why someone might want to stop certain thoughts from being presented in even subtle ways. 

If for example someone wants to go to war with someone else, but there are a lot of songs that have become very popular that espouse peaceful and cooperative means to find solutions, perhaps that makes selling the idea that we should go to war a little more difficult. Maybe someone wants to create songs specifically to foster in ideas about peace, liberty, and prosperity and find themselves in opposition to those who enforce the copyright laws that prohibit them from expressing ideas that the enforcers say they own. It is painfully obvious to see how creativity can be stifled and that there are specific reasons one sites as reasons to intervene. I certainly hope that humanity will flourish past these ideas of ownership of ideas and mount a far superior idea of free and open output of ideas. 


It is my hope that the musicians of today going forward will use their liberty to express themselves in deep and rich ways that will help move those around them towards more productivity, more freedom, more peace, less war, less violence, less government intervention. Which ever genre you relate to most, whether you prefer an more deliberate and in your face approach or a more mysterious and subtle approach, please remember how powerful it is to be able to express yourself in such a way that takes more than just words to say. The fact that no one will get in your way should be felt and celebrated in your music and should foster more of the same from those who listen to you. There are examples of music being stifled in the past, I will not forget those incidents where it was deemed neccesary to censor or otherwise intervene in the creative process, which leads to the output of information in the form of music.


And now for some silly lyrics for your enjoyment. 

“Freedom isn’t free, it cost a buck-o-five and if you don’t pitch in who will?!” 

From Team America: World Police